The Shady Porch: Easy Peachy Fruit Salad Recipe


Easy Peachy Fruit Salad Recipe

Over the course of this summer - and the various holiday gatherings - we've hit upon a new version of an old favorite...fruit cocktail, or fruit salad. It has long been a winter holiday tradition in our family, providing a bright note in the heart of the colder days. With the ready availability of fresh fruits through the growing seasons, it is also a summer favorite. 

Fruit salad is great because of its simplicity. My sole complaint was always the inevitable browning of the fruit. Basically, my fruit salad had a short shelf life. This new recipe seems to extend the appearance of freshness, and has more flavor than the traditional recipe we had always prepared.

The shelf life is no longer, but it is now because it is usually gone in a hurry due to my about-to-be not-so-secret ingredient.

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Delicious serving of fruit cocktail

The new ingredient that makes this fruit salad work for me is peach pie filling. Just open a can, run a knife through the slices to cut the peaches into bite-sized chunks, and mix it in.   The addition of peaches works with nearly any combination of fruits.

red and/or green grapes, halved
strawberries, halved or quartered
bananas - bite-sized chunks (firm, freshly ripened bananas only)
kiwi - peeled and diced
can of peach pie filling - diced (...hum, I wonder if apple pie filling would work?)
 **Quantities depend on how much you want to make.
Note - there are many variations to any salad ( i.e. - marshmallows, nuts, cherries, citrus fruits, etc) I am simply sharing our family's favorite version.   

Simply mix all the the ingredients until well-coated in the peach pie filling. Chill, serve, and enjoy!  Keep refrigerated...if there is any left.

Fruit Salad #salad #fruit #fruitsalad #dessert #snack #recipe #fresh #healthy

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