The Shady Porch: Pine Cone Wreath for Fall : How To


Pine Cone Wreath for Fall : How To

It is amazing to me that, when school and football season started, the weather actually began to change here in Kentucky. It is supposed to get down to 50° tonight. We love it when we can turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. I don't want to rush Fall; I know it is still 17 days away, but I'm glad we're getting some cooler temps. All of these changes put me in the mood to start crafting Fall decorations. This year's decorations focus on natural elements like pine cones and gourds; it helps that I have a couple bags of them lying around.

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Since the front door is one of the first places folks can see, I started with a wreath, a pine cone wreath, to be specific. I think they are really beautiful. I started with a grapevine wreath as my retrospect, this is not the ideal base for a pine cone wreath. It was hard to get them glued on. I couldn't find my styrofoam form, so I used what I had on hand. Hot gluing the pine cones to the grapevine wreath, I tried alternating the orientation of the cones toward the center - pine cone top, pine cone bottom, etc.

Pine Cone Wreath for Fall #Crafts #DIY #pine cone #pinecones #decorations #autumn #fall #wreath

Once the wreath was made, I decided to add some color to it. Since my front door is chocolate brown, I wanted some contrast. I lightly spray painted the wreath in a Krylon yellow, and it looks nice against the door. I love the simplicity of an unadorned wreath, but I decided to embellish it further with a trio of pine cone flowers. 
I used the cone "petals" to create the flowers much like I did on my basket project and my napkins rings. I ripped apart a couple of cones and glued them to a scrap of ribbon building up the layers to create a mum-like flower. Then I painted each one in a complementary color. 

Pine Cone Wreath for Fall #Crafts #DIY #pine cone #pinecones #decorations #autumn #fall #wreath

The glass beads I added to the center of the petal flowers are the only non-organic elements on the wreath. I created a background of foddershocks for the flowers, making them one individual piece to add to the wreath rather than each flower individually. Plus the foddershocks helped the flowers stand out. 

Pine Cone Wreath for Fall #Crafts #DIY #Pine cone #pinecones #decorations #autumn #fall #wreath

It was a simple, but time consuming, project. The time factor was increased through some difficulty in getting the pinecones attached to the grapevine wreath. After all of those small challenges, I really like how it looks on the front door, and I think it is an inviting sign to all. Welcome! 

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