The Shady Porch: How To: Wood Branch Vase & Pine Cone Flowers


How To: Wood Branch Vase & Pine Cone Flowers

In my continuing effort to use natural elements in my Fall decorating, today I present my Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers tutorial. This vase is similar to the Rustic Fall Centerpiece, I created last year. The most labor intensive feature of this process is cutting branches into discs of varied thickness. 

Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers #craft #tutorial #howto #naturalelements
How To Make - Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers

Once the discs are cut, there is nothing difficult in making this vase, outside of choosing which glue to use. I recommend E6000 to ensure long-term durability, although using hot glue will expedite the completion of the project. 
First, I covered the can in a natural burlap to camouflage the gaps between the wood pieces. Burlap is perfect since it is similar in color to the wood. Once you've made your glue choice and covered the coffee can with burlap, the repetitive work begins... it is simply a matter of  gluing the wood branch pieces to the large coffee can. It is a little like working a puzzle because you don't want the gaps to be too large between pieces, so there is some effort to fit the wood pieces together for a finished effect (see photo below). 
Then I made some decorative pine cone petal flowers to embellish the overall vase design. I also lined the top rim with petals to finish that edge. To add more depth and contrast to the wood pattern, I coated single discs with Mod Podge to darken them up a bit and diminish the fresh-cut wood look. I think I might actually like this version better than the twig version last year. 

How To Make A Wood Branch Vase #tutorial #coffeecan #branches #craft #burlap

What is a vase without flowers? I do love working  with pine-cone petals, so I took a swing at a pine cone "flower" arrangement.  

The first step in this process was painting the pine cones. I used  Fall-toned spray paint colors that I had on hand. 
Pine Cone Painting Station #craft #tutorial #howto #naturalelements

Then I attached the painted pine cones to branch stems using floral wire. I added a little paint at the junction between the branch and pine cone to camouflage the wire and the bouquet was done. 
Pine Cone Flowers #craft #tutorial #howto #naturalelements
Painted Pine Cone "Flowers"

Finally, I chose some leaves from a recent raking of the front yard, coated them with Mod Podge (I used a matte finish, but they came out shinier than I expected), and glued them to the flower 'stems'. To help the flowers stand up, I filled the vase with cardboard tubes (tp rolls), which created secure places to insert the 'stems' so that they would not wobble. I am thrilled with the result. AND...this entire project was completed off my shelves without any new purchases: I used paint, wire, and Mod Podge I already had on hand, the coffee can was a refuse rescue, and the rest was supplied by nature, which is always lovely.

Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers #craft #tutorial #howto #naturalelements

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