The Shady Porch: Pumpkin Decorating carving necessary


Pumpkin Decorating carving necessary

I've been decorating pumpkins for my porch today. There are so many inspiring examples, I had to get in on the action. The hubby picked up two large and two rather small pumpkins on the way home yesterday. This morning, I grabbed paint pens, brushes, duct tape, and ribbon, and happily gave in to my creative gene. 

I had a great time adding a little of our personality to each of them.  So...without further ado, here are my pumpkins for this Fall season. 

First, my Frankenstein Pumpkin. I wanted to have my normal bout of whimsy in the project, and, since I had florescent green paint that just seemed like an obvious Frankenstein color, I went with it. 

I drew and colored the face with a black marker and paint pen. I added bolts on his neck using wood branch pieces that I colored black, also. I think he's adorable...a little scary and a little silly, too. 
A green pumpkin with a Frankenstein face. #pumpkin #Fall #decoration
Frankenstein Pumpkin...a little scary and a little silly, too!
I used skull-and-crossbones design tape to make the next pumpkin. This little pumpkin was beauty-challenged, and needed to be covered up. It had also lost it's stem along the way and seemed naked without it, so I glued two tree branch pieces together to create a stem. Next, I took a couple of cardboard tubes and cut them into leaf shapes and covered them in black adhesive felt and attached them to the faux stem. It's funny how black and white always looks classy (even when the pattern is skulls and crossbones.
Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin #designtape #decor #fall #pumpkin
Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin
 I wanted to do an monogrammed pumpkin for the porch so that was the next one I tackled. I found a font I liked, and printed out a large-size letter 'S,' then cut it out, pinned it to the pumpkin, and traced out my initial. Once I had that completed, all I had to do was color in my letter. I decided to further embellish the pumpkin with more of the skull & crossbones tape and my pumpkin was ready. 

Framed Monogram Pumpkin #Fall #decor #pumpkin
Framed Monogram Pumpkin
 My final pumpkin is my favorite. I painted this little pumpkin white and embellished it with a wooden heart covered in silver pipe cleaner. A black and silver bow added to the glimmer, and that was all it needed to finish my pumpkin collectin for this Fall season. 
White Glittery Pumpkin #heart #pumpkin #white
Little White Punkin with a Silver Heart

I look forward to sharing the porch project when I get it finished... Can you believe I live in Kentucky, and I cannot find a single bale of hay anywhere? Everyone we have checked with is sold out, or didn't raise hay this year. Wow...

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