The Shady Porch: Thrift Store Lamp Makeover


Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thrift Lamp Makeover #DIY #Paint #beforeandafter #thrift #makeover #lamp
After the rescue from a lamp-life of ugly
There is this little, ramshackle, roadside junk place in the next county where I love to shop. Furniture, glass, books, art,...they really have a little bit of everything. I love the thrill of discovery each time we go. Of course, a big part of the appeal is the thrift pricing, but I really do like the no-rhyme-or-reason organization of the's like a treasure hunt. 

On one of my outings, I snagged a  poor castoff lamp, knowing I could save it from a life of ugly. My continuous guest bedroom project needed a new bedside lamp, so it was destiny that I rescue this one (the $5 price tag didn't hurt.) 

Thrift Lamp Makeover #DIY #Paint #beforeandafter #thrift #makeover #lamp
Thrift Lamp - BEFORE PHOTO
#Rustoleum #SprayPaint #DIY #Makeover #Lamp I used spray paint that I had on hand from other guest bedroom projects, so that was a boon for the wallet, too. My tools included a spray bottle of water, Rust-oleum Hammered and Rust-oleum Metallic Finish spray paint which resulted in a pebbled effect that I really liked. Silver/Metallic usually conjures up images of slick smoothness, but I wanted to create something unexpected. 

I painted the lamp with Rust-oleum Hammered first and allowed it to dry. Unfortunately, I did not do a great job of getting pictures to document my entire process. Once the Hammered paint was dry, I lightly sprayed the entire lamp with water and immediately followed up with the Metallic Finish (silver) spray paint. This created a pebble-like surface. I did this a few times, adding more texture with each coat. 
Thrift Lamp Makeover #DIY #Paint #beforeandafter #thrift #makeover #lamp
Thrift Lamp - IN PROGRESS

Thrift Lamp Makeover #DIY #Paint #beforeandafter #thrift #makeover #lamp
Thrift Lamp - FINISHED
The pebble-look diminishes a great deal after the lamp has had time to completely dry. However, there is still a texture on the lamp surface.  

I haven't purchased a new shade for it yet, so, in the interim, I simply sprayed the old shade with the Metallic Finish paint. It's not what I ultimately want, but it will serve until I find my vision.

Now, the lamp belongs in this century and fits the room beautifully.  

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