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DIY Festive Glass Candle Stands

This time of year, we do more of everything: more shopping, more socializing, more eating, and more decorating.  To that last point, here is a nifty DIY-idea for making Festive Glass Candle Stands. My step-mom is crafty-gifted; she shared this idea (and the materials) recently, so I thought I would pass it along in time for the holidays.
DIY Glass Candle Stand #decor #craft #holiday #wedding #DIY

Here's how you can make your own Glass Candle Stand.  

Items needed
  • tall, footed parfait glass or something similar*
  • plastic beaded garland or Mardi Gras-type necklaces in your desired color(s)
  • thin cardboard (like a document/FedEx mailer)
  • glue
  • candle ring, optional
  • pillar candle in color that coordinates with the beads
DIY Glass Candle Stand #craft #DIy #decorations #holidaydecor
Perfect decoration idea that can be tailor-made to fit your party theme and colors!
  1. Turn the parfait glass upside down and trace the open-end of the glass on a piece of cardboard.
  2. Cut out the cardboard circle and put aside. 
  3. Turn the parfait glass up to its proper position and fill it with the beads. If necessary, cut the beads from the garland string.
  4. Place a line of glue around the parfait glass rim and attach the cardboard circle, sealing the beads inside the glass. 
  5. Once the glue has dried, turn the glass upside down; place the coordinating pillar candle on the foot of the parfait glass.
  6. An added candle ring will enhance the effect, if desired.
*- if you had to make a larger quantity of these (for a wedding, for instance), plastic parfaits might be a more economical option than glass parfaits

You can change bead color, candle and/or candle ring for a multitude of different looks!

Another option - instead of placing the beads inside the parfait glass, use hot glue and secure the beads (still on the string for ease) to the outside of the glasses! I only spot glued one or two beads every other row in hopes that the beads might be reused later. 
[Note- The hot glue bond is easily broken, so it is possible to reuse the parfait for another season or event with totally different colored beads, if desired. However, getting the hot glue off of the beads might be more...problematic.]

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