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Rock 'N Share #52

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   My 7 Best Pasta Recipes

Carrot-Squash Muffins
w/Cream Cheese Icing
Easy Breakfast Bake

Welcome to the Rock 'N Share!

This is one of my favorite times of the year! The garden production is growing every day, and apples are ripening on the tree. I am excitedly anticipating all of the new recipes that I will make as the harvest comes in. I have never used my slow cooker to prepare apple sauce or apple butter, and I intend to make both this year as it appears we will have PLENTY. Here's a glimpse of our apple tree; we had to reinforce the branches on one side, it is so loaded down. Another branch split in the last storm and had to be taken down, so we bagged the apples from the lost branches and set them out with a FREE APPLES sign. They were gone in no time at all! It was a Norman Rockwell kind of moment when I watched a neighbor kid, walking by on his way to work, stop, rummage through the bag to find his perfect apple, and, then continue on his journey, chomping on his unexpected prize. One of life's simple pleasures experienced on a couple of levels - for him, finding a sweet gift; for me, knowing that what could have been lost to destruction and decay provided some measure of goodness to someone.

Red, Ripe and Ready...almost!

Rock 'N Share #51 features!

Setting the Table by Back Porch Musings
Mason Jar Solar Lanterns by Day2Day Super Mom
Cheesy Bacon Au Gratin Potatoes by Easy Life Meal & Party Planning
The Incredible Edible Vine by Live Ready Now!
Kelli’s Chicken Salad Recipe by Crafty Journal

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Now on to the party!   


Sweet Garlic easy weeknight supper!

This is a quick and easy weeknight supper that my family really liked; maybe yours will, too. I love recipes that allow me to sit and relax while life's modern conveniences do the work. Simply pop this chicken recipe in the oven, and, in less than 30 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious supper. I used the microwave to bake the potatoes and the green beans cooked on the stove top while the chicken and potatoes finished up...definitely a 30 minute meal!

Sweet Garlic Chicken #chicken #dinner #easy #30minutemeal #food #recipe
Sweet Garlic Chicken a 30 minute meal!


Best 7 Pasta Recipes - most popular!

Most Popular Pasta Recipes #easy #pasta #chicken #healthy #best
At least I think they're my far!
We love pasta! It is on the menu on a regular basis because it is delicious, easy to prepare, and inexpensive. Now, you can even purchase low-carb pasta for those that have health concerns. I have many pasta recipes, and I've shared several of them with you, so I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the most popular pasta recipes were. I think you might just find some new favorites in the bunch for your family! Godere! "enjoy" in Italian

Most Popular Pasta Recipes


Rock 'N Share #51

Come on in...let's Rock 'N Share!

We are scorching through summer both in temps and time! Only 21 days and the hubby goes back to school. He is away at a work-related conference this week and I am hoping to fill my time marking some projects off my hefty to-do list. We haven't been apart for this long in over 20 years. I miss him already.
I'm Confused about Comments!
I must say I am confused about comments and the conflicting posts I've read lately about the pros and cons! When I first started blogging it was advised to comment often and reply to all comments received. However, one post I read recently was talking about Google seeing comments as SPAM which we all know is not good. I recommend everyone read this article, especially since we participate in linky parties! **be sure to read the comments on the post too!**
So in light of this info, I will no longer leave comments at linky parties unless I really have something to say, I'm sorry for past comments that might have been spammy.  I won't be deleting comments as some are doing but I'm going to quit replying to 'Thank You for hosting' comments. It is not necessary to thank me for is I that should thank YOU for being here! I LOVE that you choose to party here and I appreciate each of you and your talents.
I will still visit and comment on the party projects that you've shared. However, if you link 3-4 projects (which is perfectly all right) I might not comment on them all. I don't want to hurt your blog with something Google might consider spammy! I would love to know what you think about this! Am I over-reacting? 

 Thank you for being here! 
Rock 'N Share #50 features!

Peaches 'n Cream Cupcakes from Todd & Lindsey
DIY Super Simple Anchor Bracelet from Wilker Do's
Homemade Slow Melt Orange Cream Popsicle Recipe from Just Dip It In Chocolate
Living in the Moment from Happy House & Home
How I Fry a Steak  from Penny's Vintage Home
Eating "Real Food" is Easy!  from Mary's Kitchen

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Carrot - Zucchini Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing

It's a win when you can fix a sweet treat for your family that also has some health benefits! For instance, the beta-carotene in carrots is good for our vision, particularly night vision. It also helps prevent macular degeneration and senile cataracts, according to HealthCare2 Make A Difference.  

The recipe I am sharing today is that kind of 'win' in my book. The carrots and summer squash as well as the honey, applesauce and pecans all have health benefits. Our family thoroughly enjoyed these muffins and they are super simple to make. 

Carrot and Zucchini Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing #Dessert #Sweets #Muffins #Snack
Sweet treat with some healthy benefits!


Easy Biscuit Breakfast Bake...have it your way!

I think every family has a "weekend breakfast" special...that certain combination that only shows up on the table on big occasions. The hubby loves to do the whole farmhouse breakfast thing with platters full of eggs, meats, hot biscuits, gravy...the whole nine yards. While I also enjoy these mornings, I am happy to announce I have found a new favorite breakfast for those special mornings, like holidays or when entertaining overnight guests. It is super easy and can be prepared in advance, so all you have to do is get up and bake it.  This recipe is so good and so easy, we'll have it on weekdays, too! Another plus is the 'have it your way' versatility of this recipe! You can add and substitute any number of ingredients to suit this exactly to your family's tastes.

Easy Biscuit Breakfast Bake Cheesy Pull-Apart #breakfast #brunch #casserole #eggs


Rock 'N Share #50

Rock 'N Share Wednesday is Here!

We've had lots of hot weather lately, but everything is growing and blooming and it is just beautiful! My Joseph's Coat climbing rose has finally bloomed and the sunflowers are really showing off this year. We're still waiting for the vegetables to start coming en masse, although we have enjoyed some of the squash, zucchini, lettuce and cucumbers, so far.
I hope you're enjoying your summer! It goes by way too fast...especially when merchants are already talking about Christmas.  What a wacky world this is sometimes! 

I enjoyed checking out everyone's projects! Thank you so much for joining the Rock 'N Share! 
Rock 'N Share #49 features!

18 Painted Furniture Projects by Family Home & Life
Old Fashioned Fried Chicken by Miz Helen’s Country Cottage
Pedestal Table... By Full Circle Creations
Summer Mantel : Gates of Charleston by Back Porch Musings
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Ten Movie Night Snack Recipes - Spicy, Sweet and Salty!

We love movie night at our house, especially during the summer when there is no need to set an alarm the next morning. We may not be at a drive-in (yeah, we're that old) or a theater, but we still LOVE our movies (and it still feels like a date night!) I know...Awwww One fun bonus of movie night on the sofa is homemade concessions that taste better and cost very little! Today, I am sharing some great Movie Night Snack ideas with you!


Broccoli Pasta Salad...side dish or supper it works either way!

This is our favorite pasta salad. It is a wonderful combination of crunchy and soft with lots of bacon and cheese! I use this recipe for big family gatherings since it's so easy to make and you can prepare it ahead of time too! 
Check out my Garden Harvest Recipe board on Pinterest for more fresh produce recipes!
Broccoli Pasta Salad by The Shady Porch #salad #gardenharvest #pasta #pastasalad #broccoli #sidedish #supper #entree
Super Side dish or Super Supper!


Rock 'N Share #49

Come on's Rock 'N Share Wednesday!

Rock 'N Share.....NO RULES PARTY! 
I hope everyone had a most excellent 4th of July holiday! I was blessed to celebrate with family. We had a cookout that ended up in more than out, for the most part, due to the heat but nevertheless, it was wonderful being together! I didn't get around to everyone to comment but I did check out all of the projects and as always I ended up inspired and in awe of the talent you all have! Thanks for choosing to share your labors here! You are greatly appreciated!!
Rock 'N Share #48 features!

Summer Blooms In My Garden by Kathe with An E
Classic Cherry Pie by True Blue Baking

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Best 7 Chicken Dinners...our most popular chicken recipes

Today, I am sharing the 7 most popular chicken dinners from the Shady Porch. These chicken dinner recipes have had the most comments, views, and pins. I hope you find a new recipe here, maybe something from the early days of the blog. Here's to finding a new family favorite!

By far, thanks to Pinterest, the most popular, is the Chicken Dumpling Casserole.

Chicken Dumpling Casserole  #chicken #casserole #dumplings #dinner #easy
Chicken Dumpling Casserole


Summer's Bloom - more Flowers & Veggies!

It was Springtime (May) the last time I gave you a tour of the flowers and veggies at the Shady Porch. Now that summer has arrived, we have new blooms and, with some harvest coming in, I thought a summer tour would be nice! 

Goblin Blanket Flower from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening
The Goblin Blanket flower is also known as Arizona Sun and it attracts butterflies.

Gladiolus from The Shady Porch #garden #flowers #gardening


Rock 'N Share #48

Howdy...Glad you could join us at Rock 'N Share Wednesday!

Welcome to The Rock 'N Share.....NO RULES PARTY! 
Whew, last week was a blur! We had another great turnout and lots of awesome and inspiring projects. I do appreciate each of you and the work that you do...I'm glad to see you here! 
We had a family reunion and house guests this past week. It is always fun to have a crowd and tables full of food! Ye-haa, I do LOVE summer! We're having another family function this weekend and I am so looking forward to it! I pray that each of you will have a glorious holiday with friends and family! 
Happy 4th of July to you & yours!
Last week's Shady Porch features!

Patriotic Rag Wreath Tutorial by Oh Sew Crafty Life
Bisquick Cheeseburger Pie by Thrifty Homemaking
Recovering an Armchair  by House of 34 
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Slow Cooker Party "baked" beans ever!

Slow Cooker Party baked beans ever! #sidedish #bakedbeans #partybeans #entree #crockpot #slowcookerFor years, I held the honorary title for making the best baked beans in the family. I used the recipe from my beloved "What's Cooking In Kentucky" cookbook. However, one day my brother came home from a trip to Louisiana, and told me he'd found a better recipe. Suffice it to say that I was more than a little put out! I grilled him for a sufficient amount of time to get the main components of the dish. I started on a quest to find this alleged better dish, to recreate it, and to see for myself if it could be true. It was a challenge, but I was successful...on all phases, and I now hold the family title of best baked beans with a completely different recipe! It is time to pass the good news along.

I've gotten in the habit of preparing this in a slow cooker since it is so convenient to lock the lid and transport it to our various functions, but it can be baked in the traditional method. 


Baked Ravioli with Pepperoni

Baked Ravioli with Pepperoni and Pink sauce #pasta #entree #recipe #dinner If you've been around The Porch much, you know that we really like our pasta dishes! Today, I have another easy, yet flavorful, pasta recipe to share with you. The hubby and I went to Louisville some years ago, and, at a local eatery there, we tried an Italian dish that was served in a "pink" sauce. We'd never heard of this sauce, so we had to try it...and it was excellent. Since then we've developed several variations on this family favorite. This recipe is the quickest, and possibly easiest, pink sauce we know.