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10 Fall Flashback Projects: Decorations & Recipes

With the end of August upon us and the days of summer waning, I've been thinking of all the wonderful things about Fall. I love football season and game day parties; I love that the decorations and food of the season are focused on natural things like foddershocks, mums, pumpkins, pine cones, and apples! So, while planning my newest Fall projects and dishes, I thought I would take us on a Fall Flashback tour. 

A Basket of Zinnias with Pinecone Petal Flowers


Late Summer Flower Show and Hometalk!

Today, I want to share the end-of-summer flower show here at The Porch. There are lots of new blooms, so I tried not to repeat many from the previous garden updates this year - Our Spring Show - Blooms & Buds and Summer's Bloom - more Flowers & Veggies. Although, the vegetable garden was less than stellar this year, the flowers made up for it! Enjoy! 

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Rock 'N Share #56

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Flashback Post
Homemade Egg Rolls
Flashback Post
Fresh Freezer Slaw

Rock 'N Share #56
Hey everybody, I'm glad you're here! I hope everyone has been
well and creative since the last time we met. I've been busy with everything BUT my blog project! Alas, my timing is bad...the start of school is a busy season, and I always help my hubby out with start-of-school projects. Add to that, I obligated myself to some other efforts that have come due, and - tick-tock- another week has slipped by. It's maddening sometimes how fast time flies by!     
On a good note, we had another great party! I've commented,  G+'d, shared, tweeted, and pinned throughout the week, and I hope you are seeing the benefits! You are an inspiring and talented group, and I love seeing and hearing about your adventures!

Rock 'N Share #55 features!

The Shady Porch Rock 'N Share #55 Features

DIY Canister Re-Style by This Silly Girl’s Life
Back to School Teacher Gift by The Moody Fashionista
Friar Tuck Sandwiches (copy cat) by Home Sweet Home No. 14
Freezing Fresh Basil by Mamal Diane


Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

Our garden seemed to take its time starting to produce, but once it has...well, suffice it to say we have thoroughly enjoyed the garden this year! The cucumber salad I am sharing today has been our summer favorite...we literally prepare a fresh batch 2-3 times a week. Psst!...the bowls coming back to the sink are really clean too... someone (or two,) is literally drinking the leftover dressing! This salad is one that my gran would make, but, as a kid, I never gave it a chance...truly, my loss. 
I can see why she always kept a bowl of it in the fridge in the summer. Even if you don't have a garden, having this on hand makes it worth buying the cucumbers. 

Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad #cucumber #salad #gardenharvest #dilldressing


Rock 'N Share #55

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Flashback Post
Pallet Coat Rack
Flashback Post
Glazed Apple Cake

Rock 'N Share #55
Hey everybody... I'm glad to see you again this week! I've gotten off task regarding my big blog project and, instead, got caught up in my "Fall spruce,"...which is kind of like a spring clean. I like this
time of year...when the hubby goes back to school, it is like a new chapter opening, and I get energized to clean, organize, and re-decorate (basically a changing of rugs, curtains, pillows and whatnot). I am not wishing away my is my absolute favorite time of year, but I have to seize the time when these energy bursts come along! Does this happen to you? 

We had a great party last week full of inspiring, inventive, creative, and delicious recipes, projects and designs! In fact, it was the biggest parties since the resurrection of the Rock 'N Share. Thanks for making that happen! I am awed by the amount of work, and creativity you accomplish week-to-week! Be sure to check out the most viewed featured projects below. Are you ready to party? ...I am!

Rock 'N Share #54 features!

Kit-Kat Cookies by Life With the Crust Cut Off      
Bathroom Reveal by Little Bit of Paint      
Custom Desk... by Full Circle Creations      
The Demilune Table by Designs by Studio C      
Quick and Easy Italian Pasta Salad by Life On Lakeshore Drive     

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Peach Cobbler Recipe

This recipe dates back to the days when Mom taught me her recipes along with cooking basics. It is an easy recipe, with only a few common pantry ingredients - butter, flour, sugar, milk, and peaches. Of course, this may be prepared with fresh peaches, but I learned using canned fruit. It works with blackberries, strawberries, get the picture. I like to top off a warm serving of cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! This is bliss!

Nothing says summertime like Mom's Peach Cobbler! This recipe works for blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc! It is a simple 5 ingredient recipe. #recipe #fruitdessert #dessert #cobbler


Rock 'N Share #54

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Rock 'N Share #53

Flashback Post
Washer Necklaces
Rock 'N Share #54

Our home is officially in back-to-school mode now! For us, this means setting alarms, planning lessons, packing lunches, prepping school clothes, and all the other seemingly endless tasks for a teacher getting back TO it. This is closely followed by other changes like fall, football, and festivals. It is a vibrant and exciting time of year! It makes me count my blessings.

NOTE: I am going to be making some changes to the blog, so I will probably not have regular posts for a while (a month or so). I will continue to host the Rock 'N Share so it will be up each Tuesday night at 8PM EST and run through Monday at midnight each week so you'll still see me around, but the project I hope to complete is taxing and I need to focus on it for a bit. Nothing is wrong; I just want to make things better!

We had a great party last week! I pinned many of the posts and shared quite a few on FB, G+ and Twitter too. I hope you are reaping the benefits! Thank you for being here! 

Rock 'N Share #53 features!

Anthropologie Teapot Lamp Knockoff by My Cup Runneth Over
Classic Sour Cream Cheesecake by True Blue Baking
Let's Go To Wine Country! - Oil and Vinegar Tray by SLR Embellishments

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Beefy Bean Burrito Casserole

We change this versatile recipe nearly every time we make it to accommodate what we have on hand. Trailing only pizza, Pizza Casserole or Calzones, Mexi-meals are weekend dinner favorites, and The Bean Burrito Casserole (beans are optional) is tops on the Mexican menu. This inexpensive and delicious meal takes a little over 30 minutes to prepare, and is a savory treat for everyone! 

The version I am sharing is how we made it tonight. There is no limit to the variations or combinations possible in this dish, so you can tweak it to please the palates in your family, too!

Beefy Bean Burrito Casserole


12 Easy-to-Make Desserts

Grab a tall, cold glass of milk or a hot coffee in your favorite cup... and let's talk desserts. I have gathered a dozen of our favorite dessert recipes to share. There are cookies, cakes, candies, bars, and pies in this list of easy-to-make delights. To tickle the taste buds, the list includes chocolate, fruity, salty, and sweet treats...there is something for everyone, so I hope you find a new family favorite! 


Rock 'N Share #53

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 Double Dipped
 Orange Muffins

Rock 'N Share #52

Flashback Post
A Field of Poppies - Newsprint & Crayons

Rock 'N Share #53

I hope everyone is having a great summer! We are in our final days of summer break...the hubby starts back to school on Monday! sniff...sniff  I love having him home every summer and always dread the end of our hiatus. However, a new school year with new adventures is exciting too! I hope your family is excited about back-to-school too and here's hoping everyone has the best year...ever! Now let's party hardy!

Rock 'N Share #52 features!

Red Utensils......from Shabby Gals
Zucchini & Caramelized Onion Galette from Miz Helen’s Country Cottage
Cinnamon Rolls from Homestead
Orange Creamcicle Poke Cake from Life With The Crust Cut Off
Crates an Easy Toy Storage Solution from Now At Home Mom
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Party Time!   


Easy Peachy Fruit Salad Recipe

Over the course of this summer - and the various holiday gatherings - we've hit upon a new version of an old favorite...fruit cocktail, or fruit salad. It has long been a winter holiday tradition in our family, providing a bright note in the heart of the colder days. With the ready availability of fresh fruits through the growing seasons, it is also a summer favorite. 

Fruit salad is great because of its simplicity. My sole complaint was always the inevitable browning of the fruit. Basically, my fruit salad had a short shelf life. This new recipe seems to extend the appearance of freshness, and has more flavor than the traditional recipe we had always prepared.

The shelf life is no longer, but it is now because it is usually gone in a hurry due to my about-to-be not-so-secret ingredient.

Easy Fruit Salad Recipe #salad #fruit #fruitsalad #dessert #snack #recipe #fresh #healthy
Delicious serving of fruit cocktail


Double Dipped Orange Muffins

Very few things say morning more than oranges. A glass of juice or a saucer of wedges provide a citrus-y kick to any breakfast. We love using oranges in recipes whenever we can. 
Muffins are a breakfast classic, so pairing a favorite flavor and a favorite treat, using the easiest muffin recipe I've ever used ... this muffin does not disappoint. They were mouthwateringly (is that a word?) good.