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Rock 'N Share #65

Welcome to the Party On The Porch!
Last week, it was a full house "Party" with folks filling the porch and spilling out onto the lawn! In other words, we had a great turnout with wonderfully delicious breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and supper fare like Oven Roasted Pork, Meatloaf, Ham, and Chili Cups. There were buckets of great ideas for Halloween - both for treats and decorations, too. I always love the informational and inspiring posts about how to improve my home, my blog, and my self. I appreciate your labors, and I really appreciate you sharing them here at the Party On the Porch. So, without further ado,...Let's get this party started!

The most popular posts of the week ...
Rock 'N Share #64 features!
Rock 'N Share #64 features
Halloween Poke Cake by Turnips 2 Tangerines 
DIY Fabric Strip Valance  by Happy House and Home 
Link Party Clicks  by Mums Make Lists 
Baked Acorn Squash w/Maple Pecan Butter by Recipes, Food & Cooking 
Apple Cake by Thrifty Homemaking

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Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Cider

There are so many things that make this Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Cider a wonderful recipe to have! First, it is worth making just for the wonderful aroma that fills your home as it heats up. Speaking of heating up, it is perfect to take away that chill that creeps in this time of year. Finally, it is delicious! This spicy, fruity drink is perfect for the whole family to enjoy and it's a great addition for your Fall festivities and Game Day gathering too! 

Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Cider


Faith Comes By Hearing #8

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going on now!
Wood Branch Vase & Pine Cone Flowers

The Shady Porch


Autumn On the Porch: My Fall Decorations & Recipes

I think...(I think!)... I have finally finished all of my Fall decorations, so I wanted to share a round-up of them, and a few of my favorite Fall recipes, too. I saw a cute sign the other day that said, "October is my favorite color." Fall is a wonderfully colorful time of year; it really rivals the gardens of summer.

I know it's early, but I've already started on holiday projects and I am excited about sharing those with you, too. I will be hosting a 30 Days to Christmas linky party starting November 13th and running through Christmas Eve, so we can all share our goodies, gifts, garlands, and more! More details about it as the time gets get ready! 


Rock 'N Share #64

Welcome to the Party on the Porch!
How much fun was last week's party? It was certainly a Halloween theme  - we had cards, costumes, decorations, and pumpkins real and crocheted! However, the overwhelming majority were GRIM GOODIES like bloody knife cupcakes, dismembered witch treats, and so much more! 
Great job, everyone! As always, I am grateful for your stopping by and sharing. You make the party! 
1. Skull Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple by Kim’s Kandy Kreations  2. Crispy Spider Webs {Mini Funnel Cakes} by This Silly Girl’s Life 3. Red Velvet Mummy Cake by True Blue Baking  4. Ghoooost Pancakes by DMH 5. Bloody Knife Cupcake Toppers by Easy Life & Meal Planning…stop by Rock ‘N Share #63 and check ‘em out…there’s more!


Slow Cooker Apple-Spice Dump Cake

Lately, I have been using a lot of the apples from our harvest. I've shared my Slow Cooker Apple Crisp, and my Baked Apples. Today, I am sharing a super easy Slow Cooker Apple-Spice Dump Cake. Many folks make this cake using canned pie filling, which is good, I've done it myself but in this recipe I've used fresh apples not the pie filling and a spice cake mix rather than the usual yellow. I've also added my favorite pecan topping to make it extra special and to make the family extra happy too. 

Slow Cooker Apple-Spice Dump Cake #dessert #cake #apples A dump cake is exactly that, you just dump the ingredients in the crock and you're done! It's seems almost magical.


Faith Comes By Hearing #7

Justified By Faith Romans 5 1-2 faith Bible verse scripture

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Pumpkin Decorating carving necessary
The Shady Porch


How To: Wood Branch Vase & Pine Cone Flowers

In my continuing effort to use natural elements in my Fall decorating, today I present my Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers tutorial. This vase is similar to the Rustic Fall Centerpiece, I created last year. The most labor intensive feature of this process is cutting branches into discs of varied thickness. 

Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers #craft #tutorial #howto #naturalelements
How To Make - Wood Branch Vase &  Pine Cone Flowers


Rock 'N Share #63

Rock N Share linky party #61 by The Shady Porch  recipes crafts DIY Howdy!
I am so glad you're here! You are greatly appreciated, and I am thankful you choose to come visit The Porch each week!

I work best when under a deadline and, with the approaching holidays, I have really had a power surge as I work toward getting some things off my to-do list! Yippee! I can't wait to share some with you in the coming weeks! 

Thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas menus, recipes, crafts, gifts, and decorating gave me an idea - I want to host a 30 Days to Christmas ROCK 'N SHARE party from November 12 to December 23 (it's 30 days...not counting weekends!). This will be all about sharing holiday recipes, decorations, crafts, traditions, memories, photos, along with what-to-do's and how-to's.  I'll have more to share about this later, but I wanted to let you know what I was planning. If anyone is interesting in guest-hosting during this special event, please let me know. 

Rock 'N Share #62 features!

Sunshine Lemon Velvet Cake from The Tumbleweed Contessa
Decorating Cheat ~ Autumn Splendor Sticker Sign from Exquisitely Unremarkable
12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations  from Wilker Do’s
Book Review - Starry Night by Debbie Macomber from My Recent Favorite Books
Pumpkin Muffins from The Craft Dictator   

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Best Beefy Bean Chili...comforting deliciousness

It is a simple fact: we love chili. I only prepare it on a seasonal basis, meaning Fall and Winter is chili-time. I don't know that I have ever made it the same way twice since it is one of those dishes that allows for artistic license. It can be tailored to the pantry stock (i.e. - beans, spices, etc.) and/or to family tastes (i.e. mild, spicy, and I-think-I-ate-the-sun!). For the Chili Cook-off this year, I am cranking up the beef flavor with ground beef, sirloin beef, beef broth, and beef granules. I also added coffee to the recipe, both for its flavor (another household favorite) and its role as a tenderizer.
Today, as I sit on The Porch, it is overcast - cool and breezy - with leaves falling like rain in the yard, and the sound of college football coming from the living room...a perfect day for a big bowl of a classic comfort food - beefy chili!  

Best Beefy Bean Chili #chili #recipe #dinner #texmex #gamedayrecipe
Delicious Beefy Bean Chili and Loaded Cornbread Muffins


Faith Comes By Hearing #6

Romans 1:16-17 #Scripture #Bible #Verse #Message Bible

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Going on Now!

 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas carving necessary
Old Time Chocolate

The Shady Porch


Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings: Guest Post

I am excited today to be guest blogging for the Shady Porch. I am Scarlett from Scarlett's Excellent Adventures. What are my Excellent Adventures? The biggest one is being a wife and a stay-at-home mom to my little one. The next adventure on the list, is weight loss. I gained a lot of weight over the years, between infertility treatments, having a baby and nursing, and now is the time for me to lose it. In the weight-loss process I am learning to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. My biggest challenge is how to eat well while having a toddler running around. My blog is centered around healthy foods and healthy cooking, all done in an easy way. If you come away from my blog saying, “Wow! I can DO THAT!” and maybe a few calories lighter, I feel I have done my job. Today, I am sharing a healthier, hearty fall recipe.  In the fall we look for comfort foods, and nothing is more comforting than a nice and hearty meal of chicken & dumplings. 
Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings: Guest Post #recipe
A hearty meal of chicken & dumplings


Rock 'N Share #62

Rock N Share linky party #61 by The Shady Porch  recipes crafts DIY Hey...good to see you!
It's a cool, damp day here in KY....typical Fall, I suppose. The leaves are falling quickly here now. My front yard tree, a massive Silver Maple, is usually a beauty in the Fall, but, if things continue at this pace, it will be naked before it's color has fully shown. I hope the leaves hang on, and I hope I can get my porch decorated before the branches go barren. 
 I see from your projects, happily, many of you are in full Fall mode...porches and doors decorated, crafts made for Halloween and food stored from the harvest. It all looks so pretty and delicious, too! Last week's gathering was our biggest party to-date and with lots of visits to the various posts, too! You are awesome, and I am grateful that you choose to join me here.

Rock 'N Share #61 features!

#linkyfeatures #rocknshare #recipes #crafts #DIY #halloween #fall

Biscuit Lasagna @ Honesty’s Protégée
Quick Pasta Lunches @ Mums Make Lists
Mummy Jars @ "Born Again" Farm Girl
Fall Whoopie Cakes @ Howling at the Moon
10 Fabulous Fall Porch Ideas @ Second Chance to Dream
Crock-Pot Chicken Enchiladas @ Scarletts Excellent Adventures  

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Rock 'N Share #61
Apple-Crisp Baked Apples

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Pumpkin Decorating carving necessary

I've been decorating pumpkins for my porch today. There are so many inspiring examples, I had to get in on the action. The hubby picked up two large and two rather small pumpkins on the way home yesterday. This morning, I grabbed paint pens, brushes, duct tape, and ribbon, and happily gave in to my creative gene. 

I had a great time adding a little of our personality to each of them.  So...without further ado, here are my pumpkins for this Fall season. 

First, my Frankenstein Pumpkin. I wanted to have my normal bout of whimsy in the project, and, since I had florescent green paint that just seemed like an obvious Frankenstein color, I went with it. 

I drew and colored the face with a black marker and paint pen. I added bolts on his neck using wood branch pieces that I colored black, also. I think he's adorable...a little scary and a little silly, too. 
A green pumpkin with a Frankenstein face. #pumpkin #Fall #decoration
Frankenstein Pumpkin...a little scary and a little silly, too!
I used skull-and-crossbones design tape to make the next pumpkin. This little pumpkin was beauty-challenged, and needed to be covered up. It had also lost it's stem along the way and seemed naked without it, so I glued two tree branch pieces together to create a stem. Next, I took a couple of cardboard tubes and cut them into leaf shapes and covered them in black adhesive felt and attached them to the faux stem. It's funny how black and white always looks classy (even when the pattern is skulls and crossbones.
Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin #designtape #decor #fall #pumpkin
Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin
 I wanted to do an monogrammed pumpkin for the porch so that was the next one I tackled. I found a font I liked, and printed out a large-size letter 'S,' then cut it out, pinned it to the pumpkin, and traced out my initial. Once I had that completed, all I had to do was color in my letter. I decided to further embellish the pumpkin with more of the skull & crossbones tape and my pumpkin was ready. 

Framed Monogram Pumpkin #Fall #decor #pumpkin
Framed Monogram Pumpkin
 My final pumpkin is my favorite. I painted this little pumpkin white and embellished it with a wooden heart covered in silver pipe cleaner. A black and silver bow added to the glimmer, and that was all it needed to finish my pumpkin collectin for this Fall season. 
White Glittery Pumpkin #heart #pumpkin #white
Little White Punkin with a Silver Heart

I look forward to sharing the porch project when I get it finished... Can you believe I live in Kentucky, and I cannot find a single bale of hay anywhere? Everyone we have checked with is sold out, or didn't raise hay this year. Wow...

Other projects you might like! 


Faith Comes By Hearing #5

#scripture #Bible #Ephesians #grace #exhortation #prayer

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Going on Now!
Rock 'N Share #61
Apple-Crisp Baked Apples

The Shady Porch


Chocolate Cobbler

Country cooking is my me, a country cook can use everyday ingredients that are in the cupboard to make comfort food that connects us to a simpler time, makes new memories in the present, and is a taste treat that we often joke about being "love in a bowl...or on a plate." So, today I am sharing a recipe that could easily fill the bill...Old Time Chocolate Cobbler.
Chocolate Cobbler #dessert #cobbler #chocolate #comfort #recipe


Rock 'N Share #61

Welcome Porch Partiers!
It is shocking to me that we already had leaves to rake this past weekend. Granted, there were not bagsful to gather, but the fact that we raked in September seems really early! There are days that feel like Time has jumped on a roller coaster and we are racing along on a exhilarating ride. Wheeee? For instance, it seems like school just started, yet the first grading period is over next week. There are moments that the speed of things rushing by is just overwhelming. Then I think of my favorite line from the movie Madagascar; the penguins said, "Just smile and wave boys, and wave."  It reminds me that, basically, all we can do is strive to make the best of each smile and wave
Sorry about my time rant...I am so glad you are here! Link up as much as you want. Just don't repeat last week's projects/recipes, please. Let's get our party on! Smile and wave, everyone, smile and wave!

Rock 'N Share #60 features!
Welcome To Our New Home by Kathe With An E
Fall Wreath by Makin My Apt a Home
Fall Centerpiece and It Didn't Cost A Dime by J Bigg’s Little Pieces
The 3 Time Management Tips That Saved My Life by I Think We Could be Friends
Michelle's Creole Oven Fries  by Best of Long Island and Central Florida
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