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Joyful Burlap Silverware Holders: How-To

These Easy Burlap Silverware Holders were a Pinterest find that I've been hoping to make for a while. The great room layout of our home means no formal dining room, so the kitchen table is "the table." Since "the table" is in the main room of the house, I think it needs to look nice...all the time
In preparation for our Christmas table, I took inspiration from that easy burlap silverware holder craft and made some of my own. I think they will bring a colorful, festive pop to the table for the holidays!

Joyful Burlap Silverware Holders #holiday #craft #tablesetting #tablescape


Faith Comes By Hearing #12

Thanksgiving Prayer by J.E. Rankin #devotional #Psalm #scripture

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Rustic Burlap Birdhouse Ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

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Inspiring Thanksgiving & Christmas Recipes, Crafts and more

Thanksgiving is now just days away (!) and Christmas is right around the corner. If you are still looking for that awesome new recipe, or that just-right decor project that will produce the perfect holiday moment for your family (A few ooohs & aaahs from your guests never hurts, either!), these featured recipes and projects from our 30 Day Holiday Linky party might be just the inspiration you have been hoping to find! 
Inspiring Thanksgiving & Christmas recipes and crafts


French Toast Roll-ups : How-To

 French Toast Roll-ups are so versatile...they can be served as for breakfast, as a sweet snack, or as a featured dessert. I like that I can fill them with just about anything, so they're easily adapted to family preferences...sweet, savory, both! They are easy-to-make - requiring only a few common ingredients - so they can be whipped up in a jiffy. 
French Toast Roll-ups #snack #dessert #breakfast #creamcheese


Faith Comes By Hearing #11

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Pepperoni & CheeseQuesadillas

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Rustic Burlap Birdhouse Ornaments

I was inspired to make these Rustic Burlap Birdhouse Ornaments after seeing similar ones adorning a Christmas tree on the cover of a nursery catalog. I thought they were so cute and, as many of you know, I have a thing for pine cones and the pine cone shingled roof settled it...I had to make some for the holidays! As with anything, the first time is a learning experience, and this craft project was just that. Having no pattern or instructions, I blazed the trail through trial and error.
Handmade Rustic Burlap Birdhouse Ornament #craft #homemade #Christmas #ornament


30 Day Holiday Linky Celebration

Last week's party links were already showing signs of the coming holidays, and they have got me in the mood for carols, cookies, decorations, potpourri, and all of the trappings of the season. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks, but first, I am thankful for each of you being here today...You are appreciated! 

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Rock 'N Share #66 Featured Projects from The Shady Porch

Chile Relleno Lasagna by The Tumbleweed Contessa
How to comfort a grieving friend  by I Think We Could Be Friends
Pan Seared Cauliflower and Spinach by Gratefully Nourished
Fall Rake Head Wreath by Hill House Homestead
Paper Plate Pop Up Turkey by Crafty Journal
Time to Shine, Share & Inspire!


Turkey in the Hole: A Recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey

Wildflowers from central Florida Big Berkley water filters & Teapot
Wildflowers from the woods perched
between our two Big Berkey water filters
along with our daughter's teapot from Kazakhstan
Hello! I am Rose Petal of Live Ready Now! sharing an adventurous way to make turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m wife to Silver Oak and mommy to six blessings, and we live completely off the grid in a tiny house (converted semi trailer) on twenty acres in central Florida where we are learning to grow our own food and live sustainably.
A Thanksgiving turkey has not necessarily been our tradition since we avoid antibiotic, hormone, and GMO laden foods. But last year someone blessed us with a frozen organic bird which really was asking to be Thanksgiving dinner for us. Since turkey baking requires around three hours and lots of fuel, we decided to try “Turkey-in-the-Hole.”


Faith Comes By Hearing #10

A Veteran's Day Prayer and A Pledge of Allegiance

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Homemade Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese


Pepperoni and Cheese Quesadilla

Want a 30-minute meal with all your favorite pizza flavors? Then add Pepperoni & Cheese Quesadillas to your menu. We've made homemade pizzas at our house for years now, and we like ours as well as any pizzeria we know. Granted, there are times when a pizzeria pizza is the call of the night, but not very often. We love the pizza's many flavors...which is evident in the collection of recipes I've already shared, namely Calzone Rolls, Pizza Pops, and Pizza Casserole. I thought I would add another recipe to your pizza-flavor rotation that makes a great snack or an easy dinner recipe and satisfies any pizza craving. Today, I am sharing the Pepperoni and Cheese Quesadilla.  

Cheesy Pepperoni Quesadilla #Italian #Pizza #Dinner #Snack


Rock 'N Share #66

It's Time for the Party On The Porch!
Well November has arrived and it kicks off a flurry of activity here at our house. As I've mentioned we make nearly all of our Christmas presents and it is like Santa's workshop here...except I need a few more elves! I have to say I feel pretty good about where we are in the preparations right now but that can change quickly. Due to my current workload I plan to kick off a continuous 30 Day Holiday Linky Party next week. It will run from November 13th through December 24th (I did not count weekends to get the 30days). You will be able to link up all of your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year projects during that time and the party will be in random other words there is no such thing as late comers...everyone has a chance to be listed first on day 1 or day 30! I will do features, pins, tweets and shares as usual...and we will have a jolly good time! I hope to see you all there!

We had another big party last keeps growing! Not only are we getting more link-ups but you are getting more clicks too! I never want to fail to let you know I appreciate you for making the choice to join me here each week! You are awesome...THANK YOU!
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Strawberry Breakfast Rolls by Confessions of an ADD Housewife


Slow Cooker Chicken & Smoked Sausage Bean Soup

When the cool summer breezes give way to chilly autumn winds that send leaves swirling across the yard underfoot and clouds scudding through the sky overhead, it is soup season, and we are already enjoying the process of simmering homemade soups that are chocked with hearty flavors. I made a wonderful slow cooker version of Chicken & Smoked Sausage Bean Soup. So easy to make, and so very good, too! We made a big batch and have enjoyed the leftovers just as much; there will be nothing going to waste with this recipe! 

Chicken &  Smoked Sausage Bean Soup recipe slow cooker beans
Chicken and Smoked Sausage Bean Soup 


Faith Comes By Hearing #9

Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound Devotions Ephesians Bible Verse Grace Faith Gift

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Autumn On the Porch:
 My Fall Decorations 
& Recipes

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Homemade Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese

No one ever gets too old to enjoy the childhood favorite, Macaroni and Cheese. Today, I am sharing a Homemade Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese recipe that is nearly as easy to prepare as any box brand, but without the 'mystery powder cheese.' It is as good as any baked version and will make your busy weeknight menu a little easier. It's sure to be a family-pleaser, too!   

serving of Homemade Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese