The Shady Porch: 7 Ideas For Styling Your Bell Jar aka Cloche


7 Ideas For Styling Your Bell Jar aka Cloche

Did you get a glass dome (also known as a cloche jar or bell jar)for Christmas? Wondering what to do with it? Well, I did and I have been.  Apparently, they were originally used to protect plants from frostbite, but have migrated into living spaces for decorative purposes. I love mine, but I have never seen one in any of my family or friends' homes, so, after a fortunate beginning over Christmas, I am at a loss for what to do with it until now. I've done some research and here are some Ideas For Styling Your Bell Jar (also known as a Cloche). 

How To Style Your Bell Jar aka Cloche #belljar #cloche #glassdome #DIY

I opened my cloche before Christmas actually arrived and used it in my holiday decorations. Using a shiny red charger plate and some raffia as a base, I placed my miniature silver nativity scene on the charger and covered it with the cloche. I thought it looked lovely.

However, once the Christmas decorations were packed away, I had an empty cloche. I asked myself...what do I do with it now? If you Google 'cloche jar' Images, you will see there are many ideas. The first thing I noticed was a lot of folks use their jars to display natural elements like branches, nests, driftwood, and shells. Since I have some pretty painted pine cones from my Fall Pinecone Wreath and the How To: Wood Branch Vase & Pine Cone Flowers I decided to display those for now.   

Ways To Style Your Bell Jar aka Cloche #belljar #cloche #glassdome #DIY

But here are some other possible styling ideas for the future: 
    7 Ideas For Styling Your Bell Jar aka Cloche
  1. precious mementos like photos or bronze baby shoes
  2. heirloom items like gloves, hankies, or jewelry
  3. holiday-themed items like nativity scenes, ornaments, skulls and bones, bunnies, and chicks
  4. miniatures...villages, figures, animals
  5. collections - bells, door knobs, ceramic/glass eggs, 
  6. plants - real or artificial
  7. fruits and vegetables - real or artificial 
I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas! I may share more of my "learning to style a bell jar" adventures again sometime.

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