The Shady Porch: New Features for You...Recipe Box, Meal Planning & Grocery List tools!


New Features for You...Recipe Box, Meal Planning & Grocery List tools!

Announcement: On December 10, 2014 ZipList will no longer be supporting the recipe box and shopping list platform including your ZipList recipe box and shopping list on, the ZipList app, the recipe clipper and our partner recipe boxes and shopping lists.

They are giving you a way to export a file of all of your saved recipes and shopping list items before December 10th. Please visit this landing page - - to request a download.

Hi Everyone! 

One of the great things about sharing so many wonderful recipes - both here on the Porch and through the weekly party - is expanding the kind and number of delicious options I have for my family. Biggest complication - trying to save the recipe (or copy the recipe!) so I can get to it quickly and easily, and then converting the recipe into a reasonable shopping list.
Houston, I think we have a solution to this problem, as well as some other great features! Allow me to introduce you to a new partner at The Shady Porch...
What Is ZipList?

You might have noticed there's a new button on all of the recently published Shady Porch recipes (and on many of the older favorites, too!)
This FREE ZipList tool enables you to save all your favorite Shady Porch recipes  - and thousands of others from around the web - to your own private recipe box...AND ZipList has tools to help plan your weekly menu and grocery list, too!

Sound good? The first thing you need to do is visit the Recipe Box link on my navigation bar and sign up for your Free Ziplist account which includes the online recipe box, shopping list, and meal planning tools.  Note - there are free apps for iPhone and Android, too.

Access links to ZipList Recipe box and ZipList Shopping List
Once you've signed up for your Ziplist account, your recipe box and grocery list can be accessed from any website that has partnered with ZipList...sites like Martha Stewart, Woman's Day, Pepperidge Farms, Gooseberry Patch, and many more!

You will have - 
  • your own online recipe box to store recipes you've saved from all your favorite sites
  • a weekly meal planning tool, using your recipe box recipes
  • and a ZipList shopping list planner which will also show you the current deals at your local grocers 
How To Save A Recipe To Your Recipe Box 
To save a recipe to your Recipe Box, simply click on the Save Recipe button. 
ZipList instruction for Saving Recipes using the Save Recipe button
That's all there is to it! I've started my own recipe box (and it is really cool!) so I'm pretty sure you're going to like this, too! In case you want to try it out are some of the most popular recipes from The Shady Porch! Have fun! 

 Shady Porch recipes you might want to add to your Recipe Box!
Slow Cooker Apple Crisp
Chicken Dumpling Casserole
Calzone Rolls for Game Day!
Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

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