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Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich

Fry bread has European roots, I'm told and after trying this recipe...I say hats off to the them! We love breakfast sandwiches - on toast, on English muffins, on bagels, and on biscuits - so, when I ran across this recipe for Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwiches, I knew we would love it. It's really easy to make and the dough fries faster than you can bake it...which is handy when you're in a morning rush for breakfast. 

Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich
This fry bread breakfast sandwich was prepared using thawed roll dough.

Bread Roll dough, thawed* or canned Grands-style refrigerator biscuits
Butter, oil or non-stick butter-spray, for frying
Eggs, fried or scrambled
Canadian bacon, Bacon, or Sausage patty, cooked
Sliced or shredded cheese, Cheddar or American
This is fry bread is made from canned Grands-style biscuits. I recommend you cut these oversized canned biscuits in half and flatten each side, therefore, using one (1) biscuit to make both halves of the sandwich, otherwise I thought they were too thick.
Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich - made from canned biscuits
Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich - made from canned Grands-style biscuits
Whether you are using a thawed bread roll dough* or refrigerated grand-size style can biscuits -  cut roll dough/canned biscuit in half and flatten dough into a circle. 
Heat griddle and spray with non-stick butter spray and fry the bread round until golden brown, flip and do the other side. 
Once bread, eggs, and breakfast meat of choice are cooked, assemble sandwiches - two bread rounds per sandwich, egg, breakfast meat and cheese. 
*follow pkg. directions for thawing the dough.

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Open-faced Fry Bread Breakfast Sandwich
This fry bread sandwich was prepared using thawed roll dough, fried egg, Canadian bacon and a piece of American cheese.
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