The Shady Porch: 12 Delicious Cookout Favorites - Sweet & Savory


12 Delicious Cookout Favorites - Sweet & Savory

I always get excited this time of year...Memorial Day is here, the hubby's summer vacation is about to begin, and family birthdays, graduations, and boot camps are coming up. All of these things point to family cookouts...although we're not a big family in numbers, we like to do things up BIG - we plan outdoor game tournaments, I usually cook WAY too much food, and, on occasion, we are treated to a friendly visit from our local police (I'll tell you the story at the end of the post). I love serving old family favorites, and I always make some new recipes to test them on the family as well! This week, I am sharing some of our delicious cookout favorites from here at the Shady Porch. 

12 Delicious Cookout Favorites

Slow Cooker Party Beans
Slow Cooker Party Beans  - I would be in trouble if I didn't
 make this for our family gatherings...from the first tasting, they have been a BIG hit and are now almost a family tradition!
Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad
Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad  - Fresh vegetables and the flavor of dill create a tasty summer salad with a little zing.

Grilled Philly Burgers with Garlic Aioli
Grilled Philly Burgers with Garlic Aioli - This burger is packed with the flavors of Philly Steak sandwiches.  

Icebox Cake aka Summer's Delight
Icebox Cake aka Summer's Delight - A light, easy no-bake recipe that is ideal for the cookout crowd. 

Quick Southern Potato Salad
Quick Southern Potato Salad - It doesn't matter what the main course is; this potato salad can stand alone. It is that good!

Broccoli - Pasta Salad
Broccoli - Pasta Salad - I love the combination of crunchy and soft...and it's great for the cookouters who are looking for a light accompaniment or alternative to the traditional grilled meat items. 

No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake
No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake - It's cool, chocolaty deliciousness and, best of all, you can prepare it ahead of time!

Best Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad
Best Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad - If I don't prepare potato salad, you can be sure I have macaroni salad on the or the other is a cookout must-have.

Tasty Cucumber Spread
Tasty Cucumber Spread- This goes great with veggies, chips, crackers...anywhere that a light note is needed!

Lemony Sour Cream Pie
Lemony Sour Cream Pie - Light and lemony... a perfect combination for a summer dessert.

Fresh Broccoli Salad
Fresh Broccoli Salad - We like to take full advantage of fresh garden harvest by preparing healthy, delicious dishes!  

Easy Peachy Fruit Salad Recipe
Easy Peachy Fruit Salad Recipe - This gets gobbled up in short order whenever I serve it.

The Rest of the Story...The hubby likes to tell folks our parties sometimes wind up when the cops get called out... but the original story is this...we had a 4th of July cookout and, when day turned to night, we pulled out the fireworks. Hubby and Bubby were up on the hill setting them off and the rest of us were sitting below in the backyard enjoying the show. Suddenly my uncle said, "We've got company." 
We all turned to see one of the boys in blue coming up the driveway. My cousin, who is also a policeman, met the visitor to defuse the situation (ha!..defuse!). The officer told S. that he wouldn't have stopped, but embers from the firework display landed on his vehicle when he was on a call down the street talking to some folks about the noise they were making. The noisy folks were really interested to see if the local police would check out the debris falling from the sky as quickly as they did the noise complaint. My cousin promised to monitor the situation, and we re-aimed the skyrockets. The hubby gets a kick out of the look on folks faces when we tell them the cops showed up at our cookout! 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 


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