The Shady Porch: What's For Supper: Menu October 5, 2014


What's For Supper: Menu October 5, 2014

The seasonal change has moved from the calendar to the weather these past few days...the AC is off, the windows are closed, we're wearing long sleeves, and we've added a quilt to the bed. I always delay turning the heat on so I can emotionally hang on to summer a little longer. Once I flip on the furnace, it really means we've turned down the road toward winter.

This week's menu is great for the budget since I am using items that are already in the freezer and pantry. Weeks like this only require replenishing staples like milk, eggs, and orange juice from the grocery store.  You might notice that several of my menu items call for ground beef (sirloin), but the recipes have such diverse seasonings and flavors I don't think anyone will be bored with the meal plan this week.  The dessert this week is cobbler and the recipe is one of the first my mom taught me. This week I am using raspberries rather than peaches, but the recipe is the same delicious and easy!

What's For Supper: Menu October 5, 2014

MondayPotatoburgers with Gravy

Potatoburgers with Gravy
Tuesday - Stuffed Sole with Polynesian Slaw 

WednesdaySpaghetti with Meat sauce

ThursdayVegetable Stir Fry
Friday Homemade Italian Subs

Homemade Italian Subs
SaturdaySloppy Joes & Loaded Baked Potato Medallions

Loaded Baked Potato Medallions

Soup on SundaySlow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

Weekly Dessert Raspberry Cobbler 

Peach Cobbler

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